About Us

We are Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd. We live and work on the family farm in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes.  Aside from growing produce, harvesting wild edibles, and tending to livestock we are busy raising our children as well. We broke ground in 2001 starting out with a couple of hand tools and a lot of ideas. Since then we have ditched our jobs in the food service industry, founded a regional CSA program, are key players in food distribution from many other sustainable farms in the Kawartha Lakes and are now making a modest living selling our goods from the farm.  From early spring to early winter we tend to our market garden, harvest wild edibles, market our goods to some of Toronto’s finest restaurants, and attend The Brickwork’s Farmers Market.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Thank you for coming down to my school today and sharing with us. I am from Thunder Bay Ontario and have always had a close connection with farmers. I really appreciated what you had to say. I just wish there were more people like you and your family willing to run a proper Eco system of crops instead of monoculture poison. Being in the big city I get frustrated with the amount of packaging and industrialized products. I’m in a debate every day to just drop everything and become a farmer. I really appreciate the real flavours you brought to our class. Your lesson was wholesome and my class and myself included will hold your words of wisdom close. Thank you for your time, happy harvesting 🙂

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